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Gideon Hillman Consulting attend UKWA Awards 2017

Gideon Hillman, Managing Director - Gideon Hillman Consulting presents Warehouse Manager of the year award 2017 to Daniel Earp, Boughey Distribution

Gideon Hillman Consulting interviewed by Freight Business Jorunal - Multiomodal 2017

Gideon Hillman, Managing Director - Gideon Hillman Consulting interviewed at Multimodal 2017


Finalists for SHD New Facility Award 2016

Gideon Hillman, Managing Director - Gideon Hillman Consulting interviewed at SHD Awards 2016


The IMHX Interview 2016

 Gideon Hillman, Managing Director - Gideon Hillman Consulting interviewed at IMHX 2016


Gideon Hillman on Sky News


Gideon Hillman on Sky News Business Programme 'Jeff Randall Live', to discuss the commitments made to UK farmers by Phillip Clarke of Tesco at the NFU conference that afternoon and the complexities around product control in the current food processing supply chain. (Sorry this video clip is no longer available, please click on the picture above to see the interview details).




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Gideon Hillman Consulting Limited is registered in England and Wales.
Company Registration No: 6593700. Registered office at Highdown House, 11 Highdown Road, Leamington Spa, CV31 1XT. UK
A supply chain and logistics specialist with knowledge of material requirements planning, supply chain interim management and logistics and distribution

CMI Awards Finalist 2010 SHD Logistics Awards UKWA Customer Service Award Finalist 2014 SHD Logistics Awards Finalist 2016 UKWA Winner 2016 SHD Logistics Awards Finalist 2015 ISO 9001 Registered