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Supply Chain Matters - First-Quarter Newsletter 2018

Supply Chain Matters - First-Quarter Newsletter 2018Supply Chain Matters - First-Quarter Newsletter 2018 April issue is now available to read here.

Covering topics including upcoming events, Effective Supply Chain Management, and GDPR.

With GDPR coming into force 25th May 2018. This means that organisations need to comply with its requirements for the consensual and appropriate processing of contacts’ personal data. It is now mandatory for informed consent for personal data preferences for marketing purposes, to be collected from enquiries made. This data is to be processed accordingly for all contacts, to support any of the below requests, for each contact, whose personal data is stored on our database:

  • Remove their details from our marketing lists.
  • Receive a copy of their personal data held on our database.
  • To amend their personal data held on our database.
  • To remove their details from our database entirely.

Please contact Marketing Executive Natasha Raymond: [email protected] with any enquiries regarding the data we hold for you and how it is processed.

To catch-up with our earlier issues here!

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Supply Chain Matters - First-Quarter Newsletter 2018

Supply Chain Matters - First-Quarter Newsletter 2018 April issue is now available to read here. Covering topics…

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