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The Warehouse Auditor - An Effective Continual Improvement Tool

Continual Improvement Tool

The Warehouse Auditor, a Logistics Industry Award Winning innovative and easy to use auditing and reporting App, is changing the way audit data is collected, formatted and delivered to colleagues, and clients, within minutes of a report being completed.

The Warehouse Auditor App is specifically developed to save time, money and resources by recording the data onsite in real–time using smart phones, or tablets, replacing the need for any paper or PC based auditing tools.

Establish and maintain the effectiveness of your logistics infrastructure, assets and processes, managing Continual Improvement through photographic evidence based auditing against a set of meaningful criteria in the following areas (click for detail) 

  • Capacity Utilisation
    Warehouse Audit Software
  • Storage Equipment
  • Control of Processes
  • Warehouse Systems
  • Materials Handling Equipment
  • Effectiveness of layouts
  • Inventory management
  • Continuity Planning
  • General Management
  • Operational Costs

The Initial Audit

3PL’s and Warehouse Operators can self-audit using the award winning UKWA approved auditing app – it couldn’t be easier

  • Simply contact us to set up an account
  • Download the standard Warehouse template plus 3 additional templates
  • Comes complete with built in guidance notes, user manual, training videos to help your audit team correctly complete the audit
  • Update corrective actions as you implement
  • Generate updated audit reports
  • Your Continual Improvement Tool.

Continual Internal Audit Process.

After the initial audit /assessment, The Warehouse Auditor software provides you with an innovative, and easy to use mobile audit, and reporting app to carry out your own audits to ensure recommended and agreed corrective actions are implemented and operational performance is maintained and improved on a continual basis.

The continued benefit of using the system on a monthly subscription allows users to create reports with photographic evidence attached that are available within minutes as a PDF, Creating an electronic audit trail.

Implementing and Monitoring Improvements

Reports can be transferred instantly from the device to the desktop, where the report can be edited/downloaded, circulated to enable you to implement recommendations, corrective actions and make effective improvements.

The Warehouse Auditor app is available to use on all the popular platforms, iPhones / iPads, Windows 8, and Android tablets and smart phones.

Signing up to a monthly license fee after the initial audit enables audit reports to be re-downloaded back onto your device and you can update the audit report with new comments/photos as the improvement recommendations are implemented, corrective actions are made, and the continual improvement and audit process is maintained by you, the client. 

After the Initial Audit and set up - You get unlimited monthly usage for a single monthly cost!

Initial Audit and set up charge includes:

  • Access to the system to carry out your Initial audit or to have an audit by an independent approved warehouse operations and systems specialist – it’s your choice!
  • Set up and user training
  • Detailed audit report with comments, observations and corrective actions

Monthly software licence fee (initial 12 months minimum) includes:

  • Software installed on single device
  • Technical support (including all software updates)
  • Secure data hosting
  • Three additional reports from the featured list

Operate quicker, slicker and smarter

Take a look at The Warehouse Auditor website for more information.






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